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Official web site, professional hub, and fan site coming in Fall 2015. Until then, catch the fun at his Frontier Pop site!

The DJ of the future and the past. Past experience and future innovation make him a truly trend setting DJ of the present.

01/07/23/0347/ - Updated for 2023. Full web site coming by the end of the month.

10/06/15/2102 - Today, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the start of the DJ career of DJ Frontier.
On October 6, 1990, DJ Frontier produced his first release, a release under the name of DJ Wiz Kid. Two 90 minute releases were released in that first month, followed by a third, Horizons, on November 2, 1990, his first hit.
On February 25, 1993, after 19 releases produced under the DJ Wiz Kid name and a huge popularity in the Tampa Bay underground scene, DJ Wiz Kid became DJ Frontier, in preparation for his 22nd Cassette Program Release, Futura, and his third Generation of releases (GEN 3), as he was building his new studio, Geomedia One. DJ Frontier retained the rights to the DJ Wiz Kid name, however.
In June, 1994, DJ Frontier resumed his releases with his 22nd Cassette Program Release, Futura. That third generation of releases lasted four years with an additional ten releases, which included some revolutionary programs. Despite the increase in quality and production values, however, his popularity waned, and paled in comparison to his DJ Wiz Kid days, as he could not get the numbers out like he used to because of a production bottleneck and extremely high costs due to some new production rules (which is why there were only 10 new releases in 4 years).
In 1998, with new CD releases planned, and a move into a new studio which saw more web site work and photography support than anything else, production was put on hiatus.
Because of the limitations of technology and the CD format, however, as well as a career as a professional photographer displacing his DJ career, that hiatus became a development hell lasting over 17 years,
Development picked up in 2008, however, 10 years after the last release, as DJ Frontier worked toward resuming production, and figured out how to make his DJ career work, as well as balance it with his other careers, which included his career as a top modeling and talent photographer. This process took time, however, as it was not easy, and it took an additional seven years.
In June, 2015, preparations moved into high gear, as DJ Frontier rebuilt his studio and invested in a lot of new music, and he worked toward resuming production in 2015. His 34th release, Awakening, began preproduction.
In October, 2015, celebrating 25 years since the start of his DJ career, production of new releases resumes.
For more current updates, as updated to this web site have been slow, please check out the official DJ Frontier page on Facebook.

07/13/15/0545 - Attention: Production resumes this week.Waveform RMX, by DJ Frontier, is on the way!
The studio will be brought online this week, and will be operational by the weekend. We have to buy some odds and ends, wire the studio, and calibrate the equipment.
It has been decided that we are going to see what GEN 3 technology can do, and take it to its full potential and limits as we prepare GEN 5 digital production technology, the new production technology not due online until 2016.
So, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of DJ Frontier’s first release (as DJ Wiz Kid, the “DJ Frontier” trade name being adopted in 1993), and to tie up loose ends on at least two fronts, we are going to go old school and make some new releases using old analog production and cassette tape technology; we can adapt some of the new advancements to the old technology, and finally do the old line justice, which was possible in 1998 with what was available then, as well.
Expect at least 10, and perhaps as many as 20, new 3rd Generation releases going into 2016, picking up where we left off in 1998. Some of those releases will be set before 1993 in the “story” or the chronology (although the correct release numbers will be observed; where they conflict, they simply will not be mentioned. We want to keep the audience guessing when the release was released, although there may be clues with production technique and format, as well as, perhaps, tracks used, and some will think that they have discovered some “lost program”), and will be produced under the old “retired” DJ Wiz Kid name, now an official alter ego “character”, as DJ Frontier plays his younger DJ Wiz Kid counterpart, ripping a rift directly into the past. One of the first DJ Wiz Kid GEN 3 Cassette Program Releases (CPR) will be “Up The Ass”, an EC-21 rated program which will be completely irreverent and full of low brow humor straight from what would have been appropriate in the early 90's , and that particular release will be set in 1992, a time when it would have been impossible for the Kid to have done a release due to his equipment being destroyed in early 1992 by a crazed roommate; if he could have made a release, this is how it would have been. This release will also see the release of the four Gerbils, which was an experiment done back in 1991, but which never saw release (Think Alvin and the Chipmunks crossed with Eddie Murphy’s Raw, 50 shades of Grey, and the prey species on Dinosaurs which aspired to be eaten).
These new Cassette Program Releases will be outputted the same was as the legacy releases, being converted to MP3 releases, complete with notes and professionally designed cover images. All of the existing releases will be converted to official MP3 releases this Fall.
With the new 3rd Generation releases being produced to creatively prepare for the GEN 5 production line in 2016, being practice, there are some rules in place.

1. No sequels to established brand lines or production of planned GEN 5 releases.
This means that no Futura 3 or RMX, no Waveform 4, no Party Zone 5, or no remakes of existing properties. Those are reserved to be produced as new GEN 5 releases, and will be all digital releases in the new format. Remakes of existing properties will be done as RMK GEN 5 releases, and will be done for continuity purposes. Most of the new releases should not have to be redone as 5th Generation releases, unless we get an unexpected hit which is too good to pass up.
All the new releases will be entirely new properties, and some will be experimental. They will get us up to speed creatively.

2. No dance mixes.
With Party Zone 5, DNC, and Revo slated for GEN 5 releases, and the original Party Zone, Party Zone 2, Party Zone 3, and Party Zone 4 going to me remade in the RMK line of GEN 5 releases, doing new dance mixes with the new GEN 3 releases would be too easy, as well as too difficult, factoring in the limitations of the technology. We want to be creative with the new releases, and rely upon more creative content balanced with the music, instead of allowing the music to carry most of the program.
That, and we need to play to our strengths. GEN 3 technology is difficult to get to synch right, which includes synching beats, and we are not investing in variable pitch CD players for this. Dance mixes require synched beats. So, no dance mixes.

3. Keep costs down.
New production techniques for GEN 5 production will be used when possible, such as the JPEG cover images for the final MP3 programs (no more $70.00 or more and hours at the print shop every time we want to do a cover). That said, High Bias 90 Minute Cassettes are no longer being produced or commonly sold, so the costs have quadrupled; “new” cassettes are now around $8.00 to $10.00 a piece, and have to be ordered online.
Obviously, dubbing copies of cassettes is out of the question because of the expense and the rarity of cassettes, not to mention the rarity of cassette players which won’t eat tapes.
All factored in, costs will be far less that the original GEN 3 releases were, which will lead to enhanced output as far as quality and productivity. Cost effectiveness will be better than what we had with Gen 1 releases, which means that this is a no brainer.

At any rate, new ideas, such as using the old DJ Wiz Kid name as a character will continue in the GEN 5 productions. We have GEN 5 releases in the works set in the 80's which will be produced under DJ Wiz Kid, although most releases will be under DJ Frontier.

02/16/15/0822 - Attention:
Due to work to assert and maintain my DJ Frontier brand, I have decided to prepare to launch the official DJ Frontier web site today. While the upcoming Celebrity Class web site is far from ready (It will be derived from the replacement of the Diana Class site), I'll use the tried and proven Pioneer Class web site design used by Frontier Pop and several other web sites (the Frontier Society web site will use a Pioneer Class web site, too). The menu, too, will be tentative for now. The site will be an ongoing work in progress, and will be finalized with a Celebrity Class web site later in 2015. To increase assertion of my DJ Frontier brand, which is trademarked, I am also planning on launching several other web sites to make sure that people can easily confirm that I own the name.
Hey, I am smart enough to make sure that any branding which I use has cleared trademark and domain searches, and that no one else is using it or that there isn’t anything close that it can be confused with. I build brands which I own, because I know what I am doing.
I had a blog online for a few years which I took offline a few years back to clear it from the search engines. It is now time to start republishing it. I will be republishing that blog here on the DJ Frontier site, and that is several hundred pages of content. This blog will be republished on DJFrontier.Com throughout 2015. In addition, I am going to be publishing a second blog under my DJ Frontier name on another dedicated domain web site, a stand-alone web site. My Frontier Pop web site, which is named after my DJ Frontier brand, will be receiving another sister site, which will augment and work with it. This site is another “Frontier” branded site.
Social media will be flooded with DJ Frontier branded projects from me. I have over 60 projects in the works, including a new generation of underground releases, each running at least 140 minutes per program, commercial releases, supporting programs, podcasts, videos, independent films, and an online television series. I will be impossible to ignore, and impossible to compete with. I have substantial resources and experience to put into this.
Again, DJ Frontier is my name, and it is a name that I have had since 1993. It has never been abandoned, I continue to claim it, and I will assert and maintain the rights to that name.
I am currently 32 of my past releases, which were 90 minute programs on audio cassettes, to high bit rate MP3 programs. 19 of these were produced under my DJ Wiz Kid name from 1990 to 1992, and 10 of these were produced under my DJ Frontier name from 1993 to 1998. These releases will be ready for rerelease the Summer of 2015, just in time for the start of production of my new programs. These programs are all excellent, and will instantly restore my fanbase.
Then there are the events.
I am currently working on two event production companies. My main one will feature my DJ Frontier name and brand. There will be a series of ongoing, highly advanced events which will be DJ Frontier headlined events. These events will ignite social media and will be earn me tens of thousands of fans. Even more web sites and production components supporting these projects are planned.
I will also be creating 4 hour programs to support my photography events. These music programs will enhance my shoots. In 1999, I did a shoot in a rural area to the music of Party Zone RMX, and the models loved it. I am going to get back into including music in my shoots.
Then there are the cybernetic fashions.
I will be one of the most high tech DJ’s in the world, and these fashions will be marketed under my name.
There is a lot more, too, but I won’t go into those, now.
In the end, I will continue to do my own thing, and my name will be my own.

02/12/12 (Updated 10/25/13) - Attention:
On February 7, 2012, I bought a Nintendo 3DS portable console (and I bought a second one, a 3DS XL, a year later). Effective immediately, whenever I am out in public, I will be wearing both 3DS's, with StreetPass active ( As soon as I get around to it, the same will go with me also wearing a Sony PS Vita with Near operating at the same time as the 3DS. This sort of transponder feature will also be on my cybersuit, and the 3DS is just one of many Cosmo Black 3DS, a must-have portable gaming console for any trendy person, such as this DJ!electronics that I wear and use, as my attire will be technologically augmented more and more in the future. I've been wearing various components of the cybersuit daily, for testing and utility, for the past eight years. The cybersuit will be far more obvious later in 2014, however). My profile is DJFrontier, and the tag message points to my DJFrontier.Com web site, although the site has not yet launched. The second 3DS, which is now my main one, points to FrontierPop.Com (I will be getting a third, which will also be FrontierPop.Com).
I am Chris Passinault, AKA C. A. Passinault, and I am DJ Frontier. If you found this site because you were tagged, either through StreetPass or online, please excuse the fact that this site has not launched yet, and feel free to check out my other sites. I am a modeling and talent expert, a writer, a photographer, a designer, and a lot of other professions. For the latest on my DJ work, I will be adding lots of information to this site when it launches in 2014.

If you are 18 and older (although all of my work is family-friendly, with the exception of some of my DJ releases and other projects. Please, though, I do not want to interact with anyone underage, as it is inappropriate on a personal level), feel free to friend me on Facebook. You can also join the official DJ Frontier Facebook group, and like the official DJ Frontier page on Facebook. Please note that, due to privacy settings, you will NOT be able to see posts unless you become my friend on Facebook, or join my DJ Frontier group. Thank you!

Chris Passinault Facebook Profile Chris Passinault, AKA C. A. Passinault, on Facebook

Official DJ Frontier page on Facebook. Official DJ Frontier Facebook page

Official DJ Frontier fan group on Facebook. Official DJ Frontier Facebook Group

10/25/13 UPDATE - DJ Frontier progress
All DJ and event projects are on hold for the moment.
My photography and modeling industry work is consuming my time, and what little time that I have left is being taken up by my web site work.
I did work on the Celebrity Class web site for this DJ Frontier site a while back in order to launch it, but I was not happy with how it turned out. It will take some more work, and that will take time that I simply do not have at the moment (the only reason that I am updating this right now it that I have very little time this morning, and it’s not enough time to get into any of my major projects. Thus, it gave me time to update this).
Work on my new GEN 5 releases, my podcasts (which will benefit greatly from the professional Yeti microphone which I will be using in my work), and my online television series (which will now be branded differently. It was going to be “Frontier Vision”, but when I decided to rebrand it, I gave up the domain name. Someone bought it and formed an entire company around it, which doesn’t make me happy, but it’s fine. They can have it. I guess that they liked the search engine equity that I had invested into the name) continues.
Work on my cybersuit technology is also ongoing, and there have been many breakthroughs in the past two years. I may be able to finally build the prototype next year.
Anyway, it looks like it will be 2014 before I can bring my DJ career out of dormancy, although I will be spending time this Fall converting all of my DJ programs to digital programs in preparation for next year (which is another thing which takes away my time that I could have used on this web site).
As my DJ and event planning careers are very important, and my event planning company will once again become my core company in the future, rest assured that this web site will eventually launch (I have at least two more planned, too, which does not include VJFrontier.Com, which I’m keeping, and which will also launch soon), and that I will return.

10/25/12 UPDATE - Production Progress
2013 is going to be a very busy year for DJ Frontier. It will be a year where all of his GEN 1, 2, and 3 DJ Wiz Kid and DJ Frontier Cassette Program Release back catalog will be archived as MP3 programs. It will also see a massive amount of production work and event support work.
As of this next week, 4 releases a week will be converted to MP3 programs, which means that the entire back catalog will be converted by February 2013. By March 2013, GEN 5 Digital Program Releases and Podcasts will begin production, starting our Spring production schedule. DJ Frontier, with assorted guests, will be turning out 2 new releases a month, along with 2 podcast programs for Frontier Pop and 2 additional podcast programs for Advanced Model (the Advanced Model podcasts will be under his C. A. Passinault name). The podcasts will be 30 minute programs, for 2 hours of podcast programming a month. That is 6 programs a month.
By the end of 2013, DJ Frontier will have 30 of his old releases converted and done, as well as 16 new GEN 5 Digital Program Releases, and 32 podcast programs (16 for Frontier Pop, and 16 for Advanced Model). The podcasts will be available, free of charge, from 2 separate iTunes stores. In 2014, DJ Frontier has an additional 24 Gen 5 Digital Program Releases planned, as well as 48 podcast programs. 2014 will also see the beginning of the Commercial Program Releases line. By the start of 2015, he will have completed at least 70 releases (which includes the 30 converted ones, as well as the 40 new ones) and 80 podcast programs.
When the Gen 5 production work begins in 2013, it will serve a dual purpose. CD’s will be converted to WAV master files for use in the GEN 5 Digital Program Releases. Those WAV master files will also be converted into high resolution MP3 files for a DJ database; the MP3's will be organized and filed. That database will be used for the event support of Frontier Event Planning and Frontier Stage Productions. We hope to have the thousands of CD’s in our library converted for event support by sometime in 2014.
Although DJ Frontier, as professional photographer C. A. Passinault, will be doing several modeling photography shootout events in the Tampa Bay area starting in 2013, it will be 2014 before he returns to DJ’ing events.
Development of new GEN 5 production standards began in 2008, and after 4 years of development, they are now finalized. This means that DJ Frontier will return to production work utilizing production formats which are refined and polished, and he can concentrate more on the creative aspect of his programs rather than the technical platform. Remember that the GEN 5 production technology and the formats of the programs also support commercial releases and event support, making the work much more cost-effective and efficient, as a main standard has bene established as a general production and event support platform. This means that more work, and more progress, in the DJ production and event support technology and format has been done in the past 4 years than had been done in the previous 18. The new releases from DJ Frontier will be several generations ahead of his earlier work, and superior in every way.
The technical and format specifications for GEN 5 production technology is as follows.

0. CPR Conversion Program Archive
Each Cassette Program Release had a standard running time of 90 minutes. MP3 files, at a 256 KBPS bit rate and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz would be about 180 Megs in size with 20 Megs of supporting files, making each program around 200 Megs. This would mean that the entire archive of 30 GEN 1, 2, and 3 releases produced from October 1990 through the end of 1998 would be about 6.5 Gigs in size.
Supporting files would the same as the GEN 5 standard.

1 . Media Sources
CD, DVD, and VHS stereo audio, converted to digital WAV files.

2. WAV Master Files
Used for all media and production support. All GEN 5 Digital Production Releases will use WAV files as sources.

3. GEN 5 Digital Program Releases
Mastered as WAV files in the Abletone Live 8 Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, with a minimum program running time of 140 minutes.
Finalized and output as an MP3 file with a bit rate of 256 KBPS, at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz (CD quality). A 140 minute standard GEN 5 release will clock is at around 280 Megs in size, with supporting files clocking in at around 20 Megs (round up to 300 Megs per release).
File name format would be djrelease0000djfrontierreleasetitle.

Supporting Files:

A. Cover Image File
iPod/ Coverflow optimized JPEG image file at a resolution of 300 X 300 @ 72 DPI/ PPI

B. Instructions
Instructions on importing the programs into iTunes, troubleshooting, and recommended file configurations.

C. Program notes and dedication
Track list, sample list, program information, and dedications.

D. An HTML file
This is a web page for use on computers. It will have links to supporting sections on support web site for computers with an Internet connection.

E. Bonus Content
Material such as a JPEG wallpaper image, as well as other content.

4. Commercial Program Releases
Same specifications as for the GEN 5 Digital Program Releases. Covers, however, will be photographed by Aurora PhotoArts. Programs produced under the MatchHead label.

5. Event Support MP3's
256 KBPS bit rates at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz, organized for easy reference and programming using file names and tags. Average file size is 10 Megs per track. A library of 1,000 tracks would be 10 Gigs in size. Event DJ rigs would feature a laptop with at least a 10,000 track library (100 Gigs in size) or more, and would also include a conventional DJ Mixer and 2 iPods as a backup.

6. Podcasts
256 KBPS bit rate with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz.
Podcasts would be titled for program content, much like a conventional DJ release, but under the podcast series title, and would have a standard running time of 30 minutes. This means that a podcast program would be about 60 Megs in size, and would clock in at around 70 Megs with supporting files.

Supporting Files:

A. Podcast Cover Image File
iPod/ Coverflow optimized JPEG image file at a resolution of 300 X 300 @ 72 DPI/ PPI . Photographed and designed by Aurora PhotoArts.

B. Instructions
Instructions on importing the programs into iTunes, troubleshooting, and recommended file configurations.

C. Program notes and dedication
Dedications, program credits, music track list, and references.

D. An HTML file
This is a web page for use on computers. It will have links to supporting sections on support web site for computers with an Internet connection.

E. Bonus Content
Material such as a JPEG wallpaper image, as well as other content.

02/21/12 UPDATE - The Tampa DJ Blog is beginning to transition to organizing content, as there is a lot of content on the blog, and more posts are coming frequently. When the DJ Blog upgrades to a Celebrity Class web site, it will already be in the required format. Speaking of Celebrity Class web sites, the official DJ Frontier and DJ Wiz Kid site development is proceeding. The DJ Wiz Kid brand, too, is going to become more important, as today it was decided to remake several classic programs with GEN 5 digital production technology. These remakes will have FTR designations in their titles (FTR meaning "Future" or "Frontier").
Current scheduled remakes under the RMX, or "Remix" designation, the upcoming GEN 5 releases Party Zone 2 RMX, Party Zone 3 RMX, and Party Zone 4 RMX, will now be named Party Zone 2 FTR, Party Zone 3 FTR, and Party Zone 4 FTR; the rules defined in the preproduction of Party Zone 2 RMX (now FTR) will be applied to all FTR line releases, meaning that we will produce the releases as if they were produced in their original time frame, or period in history, using music and samples from that time (which means no sources from the future from that point in time; please reference past posts on the Tampa DJ Blog for more about these rules), using GEN 5 technology, and increasing the 90 minute program run time from 90 minutes to at least 140 minutes, or even longer. Although monologues and dialogue segments will be new, the monologues will be produced as if it were the original production time, historically (There may be some clever twist programmed into the scripts with knowledge of the future in mind. Also, the remakes will be changed to be more politically correct with the future, which would have been possible back then if tact were used originally). This means, of course, that there will be several new releases produced under the DJ Wiz Kid name, including some releases that were in preproduction, or the conceptual stages back then, but were never produced, such as the release Tricky Mickey FTR. FTR releases which are remakes of classic programs will be changed, too, with new content, remastered samples, high resolution digitally sourced music ripped from CD's, professional execution made possible by the new GEN 5 technology (which includes perfect beat and pitch transitions, samples sequenced into the music, rearranged music tracks, extended or remixed music tracks, and a professionally mixed program- production standards impossible back in the analog production days of cassette tapes, tape players, CD players, and DJ mixers), and other bonuses. Planned re-releases from the DJ Wiz Kid era (GEN 1 and GEN 2) include Horizons, Horizons 2, Horizons 3, Horizons 4, Fire In The Desert, Dance Floor Express, Waveform, Waveform 2, Smooth Love, Bitch, Back To The Streets, and Party Zone. GEN 3 DJ Frontier programs which will be remade include the already mentioned Party Zone's 2, 3, and 4, but also Futura, Futura 2 (all of the news items, the rave segment, and future prediction sequences will be deleted from the updated program and format, and a lot of new content will be added to replace what was lost, as well as add a lot more to the program itself), Generation, Waveform 3, Rebellion, and Aurora. Party Zone RMX and Horizons RMX will not be remade, however, although they are considered to be classics (redoing the original Party Zone's and Horizons are more than compensation for this, especially with Horizons 2 to 4 lacking substance, with the programs being mediocre at best and not worthy of the Horizons brand in their original form. Horizons RMX was more of a "remake" of Horizons at the time that it was created in 1995, but the new Horizons FTR will be more of the official remake, now, and the theme and format will be compatible across all of the new Horizons programs, being Horizons FTR, Horizons 2 FTR, Horizons 3 FTR, and Horizons 4 FTR. These releases deserve to be done right, and I will even include innovations and music from Horizons RMX in them, infusing those fresh ideas, mixing in the latest ideas, and using modern technology to set the standard. With the knowledge that the first 45 minute half of the original Horizons release not only carried the program, with the second half being mediocre and not continuous with the theme and the format of the program - it was my 3rd release, after all, as well as carrying the entire Horizons series until RMX came along several years later and became the definitive Horizons, and the next generation Horizons being Neo Horizons and being a completely new format for a new generation, those earlier Horizons releases have to be redone. The spirit of the Horizons series, both past and future, also is the core of the official Frontier Pop podcast, which will be called "Horizons", so the brand is very important). Rebellion, too, is a brilliant program which originally suffered from poor quality, muffled samples and monologues, and that needs to be fixed, as well as improved.
What is cool about remaking the classic programs, too, is that a lot more content can be added, such as special guests and new programming to enhance the original theme of the program. Expect guests which, although they will indicate that they are in the time period of the program, would, in reality, be much too young in that time period to participate, (some of them would not even have been born at that time, although it must be noted that the time period would be so integrated into the program that the guests from the future would get a taste of what it would have been like to participate back then). Generation FTR, also, will have an expanded, updated script, new characters, and more actors added, as well as the inclusion of archived content and emulated historical content mixed into the backgrounds of the third person monologue/ dialogue description segments (the third person descriptions will be retained, and we will not go into in-the-scene scenario acting that the sequel will have, because the Subliminal VR machine is an updated unit which works differently in the sequel). This will make Generation FTR more compatible with the upcoming Generation 2.
Some of the classic programs will be redone to be more compatible with sequels in development, the sequels which include Rebellion 2, Bitch 2, Bitch Slap, Futura 3, Futura RMX, Mirage (Fire In The Desert 2), Party Zone 5, Waveform 4, Waveform RMX, Daytona, Sand Bar, and Lost Love (Smooth Love 2. Smooth Love FTR will be remade with a new female DJ, replacing DJ Fox, but also portraying, i.e. mocking, the original DJ Fox. An actress will be playing the role of DJ Fox not only for Smooth Love FTR, but other programs which will call for appearances of DJ Fox, which will include Bitch FTR, Bitch 2, Bitch Slap, and Futura 2 FTR).
All FTR remake releases will have different covers and supporting content than the original classics which will be re-released as digital programs, also. Unlike title designations such as RMX, FTR would also be small in size, with reduced emphasis, in the titles of the remakes, so that more emphasis would be put on the original title of the program (in the monologues and dialogues, there would be little, if any, mention of FTR in the title, although there will be an FTR designation in the official title segment, and in the disclaimers). This, however, can change, and it is not yet set in stone, as it will be a long time before we can do any FTR releases, especially with the first scheduled GEN 5 releases taking up to 2 years to complete. This said, the FTR releases could be squeezed into the existing schedule just before their sequels are produced, a sort of warm up for the sequel.
On the flip side, new programs set in the past, as far as storylines or themes, will not have the restriction on future content like the FTR remakes will, as long as the “future” content supports the program theme and the spirit of the program. One such program is Waveform 4, which is set in 1995, but will use some music from the present; music and content which did not exist in 1995. Such creative production licenses are approved because these new programs are not remakes of an existing program, and the newer material can be retro applied to the time and the theme of the program if the context fits, or if it can be taken out of context to support the program.
New Gen 5 programs announced today include the aforementioned Bitch Slap, as well as Operative (the new name for the original GEN 3 Spy Ring concept release, now upgraded to a full GEN 5 release).

The underground DJ who was responsible for a long line of underground program releases in the early 90's and who sparked the underground subculture known as the Frontier Society is back! Helming Tampa Bay event production company Eventi Events as it is restored as the epicenter of the Passinault Entertainment Group, Tampa Bay will never be the same!

Remember Party Zone, Horizons, Waveform, and Club Zero? A reboot of everything is coming.....

Started DJ'ing on October 6, 1990. Became DJ Frontier on February 25, 1993. Formed the Frontier Society on October 26, 1993.

Still in effect, and still the original, and the real, DJ Frontier!

PLEASE NOTE: DJ Frontier started his career as an underground DJ on October 6, 1990, as DJ Wiz Kid. He produced 19 underground program releases under the DJ Wiz Kid name. On February 25, 1993, he changed his name from DJ Wiz Kid to DJ Frontier, and has been using this name since, although he retains the rights to the DJ Wiz Kid name. Also, on October 26, 1993, DJ Frontier and his friends formed an underground subculture, the Frontier Society, which is still active, although, due to ongoing issues with cybersquatters, the official Frontier Society web site is marketed through Frontier Pop (We owned the original domain name, lost it because of a mistake in transferring it, it was taken by cybersquatters who first tried to sell it back to us for $1,600.00, and then later used it, as well as every version of the name that they could buy up, for promoting things which we do not approve of, and then we made their attempt to exploit our brand useless, and a large waste of money, by marketing the Frontier Society web site through Frontier Pop, outsmarting them. The bottom line is that they would not own a single Frontier Society domain name if they had not seen us use it first). From June 1994 to late 1998, DJ Frontier produced 12 underground releases under his DJ Frontier name, before taking a break in December 2002 to concentrate on his career as a photographer. With new technology and tools now available, mainly technology which has finally caught up with his concepts, DJ Frontier is about to enter a new era as a DJ who will transcend and redefine the definition of what being a DJ is. DJ Frontier is preparing for a new generation of Gen 5 Digital Program Releases, Commercial Releases, an online television series called Frontier View, and other projects. For more, please check out his Tampa DJ Blog.

The names DJ Frontier, VJ Frontier, DJ Wiz Kid, and Frontier Society are all currently in use. Permission to use these names, in whole or part, for any reason, IS DENIED! We retain the rights to all of these trade names! Anyone planning on using these names or on capitalizing on these brands will find them to be useless, as they will actually be promoting the real DJ Frontier and his properties. We will aggressively defend our rights to these properties, up to, and including, taking legal action against violators and exploiters. We claim ownership of these trade names, and will continue to use them, regardless of what anyone else does. Using these names, for any reason, may be considered misrepresentation, identity theft, and a deceptive trade practice. Deceptive marketing is fraud, and it can be prosecuted!

News BLAST 11/25/11 - Bought VJFrontier.Com today, and yesterday, locked down with the help of friends. Anyone thinking about using the DJ Frontier or the VJ Frontier names should keep looking for another DJ name, as they would be promoting the real DJ Frontier, and the DJ Frontier branding is useless to them. In related news, we should have the new Celebrity Class DJ Frontier web site online in December 2011. Celebrity Class sites for other DJ Frontier sites, which include the Tampa DJ Blog, VJ Frontier, and the DJ Wiz Kid sites, will launch soon; the Tampa DJ Blog will be upgraded to the new site design, as it has been online for years, having been launched in 2008. Also, although Frontier Pop will be used to market our Frontier Society site, it will also market this DJ Frontier site, too.

News BLAST 10/30/11 - That official DJ Frontier web site? Take the news from below and add a year, because we have been very busy (and so has he, with his career as a professional photographer taking up a lot of his time lately; especially with 16 photography and design marketing and support sites which have to be launched by the end of 2011. These other careers will enhance his DJ career, too, in more ways than can be revealed here. Ironically, DJ Frontier started out in these other careers because of his DJ career, so expect things to come full circle next year!). The official DJ Frontier web site, which will be one of at least six DJ Frontier web sites, four of which are currently online in some sort of capacity (the only one officially up and running is the Tampa DJ Blog), is now scheduled to be launched in late 2011, as DJ Frontier is not expected to resume his dj and event planning careers until late 2012. For historical and creative purposes, his DJ Wiz Kid site will launch at the same time as his DJ Frontier site. There has, however, been an update, with announcements, on his Frontier View placeholder site, and there is a lot to read, of course, on his huge (and extremely interesting) blog, the Tampa DJ Blog. It’s coming, but it will just take time. Also, as reported earlier, the DJ Frontier web site, as well as the DJ Wiz Kid web site, the Frontier View web site, and the Tampa DJ Blog web site, will all be new Celebrity Class web sites from his web design company, Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design.
There are two other web sites planned which cannot be revealed at this time, for security reasons, and these are not his event and stage production company web sites, Frontier Event Planning and Frontier Stage Productions (formerly Eventi Events, Eventi Stage, Dimension Stageforms, Horizons Entertainment, Advanced Entertainment Systems, and Party Systems Inc). They are also not Frontier Pop, which is well-known and very popular, or the web site for his Frontier Society.

News BLAST 08/19/10 - The official DJ Frontier web site, a brand new Celebrity Class site, is coming in the fall of 2010, as DJ Frontier returns to the limelight in 2011, and his event planning and stage production companies become the core Passinault.Com companies in 2012. DJ Frontier's main marketing web site and online magazine, Frontier Pop, is already online, and one of the things that this exciting new site will do is directly market both DJ Frontier and his Frontier Society underground subculture (and, it should be noted, this will make all of those Frontier Society domain names that an unethical cybersquatter bought up to market whatever he is selling with our name essentially worthless, and we are now laughing at the cybernerd. No one will slip up and accidentally go to his web site, and the Frontier Society web site will be marketed only through Frontier Pop, and it will be directly accessible from both the DJ Frontier web site, the DJ Wiz Kid web site, and other affiliated web site. Cyberdorks plan has failed, and we hope that he has fun continuing to pay for all of those domain names that have been cut out of the loop. For extra measure, we will also be providing information leading to his competitors on the Frontier Society web site, as well as alternative information to what's available on his web site. you're so very welcome, weird cybe-Al.) DJ Frontier has many projects in the works which will eclipse everything done before, and it will make history. Technology has finally caught up with many of his concepts, making them achievable and cost-effective now, and, still, no one else is doing anything close to what was envisioned 20 years ago. The projects include a new generation of underground digital program MP3 releases, with iPod-optimized covers (as will all of his audio and video releases), commercial MP3 releases, a DJ Frontier / Frontier Pop podcast series, an online television series, a secret project, and many other things. Fulfilling plans originally conceived in 1991, DJ Frontier will also be debuting an advanced modular cybersuit, as well as cyberfashions. More will be announced, soon!

News BLAST 11/29/09 - Here is the official release list of all of the releases, plus some clues on what I have coming up (I would have posted this on the Tampa DJ Blog, but Dreamweaver is choking on it, and I haven't figured out why it's so slow. Plus, this needs new content right now):

GEN 1 CPR's (Cassette Program Releases)
Analog cassette programs. 90 minute programs.

DJ Wiz Kid: Fresh Mix
October 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Nasty Mix
October 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Horizons
November 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Horizons 2
November 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Horizons 3
December 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Fire In The Desert
January 1991

DJ Wiz Kid: Slam
February 1991

DJ Wiz Kid: Dance Floor ExpressDJ Wiz Kid: Horizons 4
March 1991

DJ Wiz Kid: Legacy
March 1991

CPR 10
DJ Wiz Kid: Dance Floor Express
April 1991

CPR 11
DJ Wiz Kid: Bitch Mini Promo
April 1991

CPR 12
DJ Wiz Kid: Rebel With A Cause
June 1991

GEN 2 CPR's (Cassette Program Releases)

CPR 13
DJ Wiz Kid: Waveform
July 1991

CPR 14
DJ Wiz Kid: Back To The Streets
July 1991

CPR 15
DJ Wiz Kid: Vision
August 1991

CPR 16
DJ Wiz Kid: Party Zone
September 1991

CPR 17
DJ PJ: Dance Mix 1
September 1991

CPR 18
DJ Wiz Kid: Bitch: The Major Release
October 1991

CPR 19
DJ Wiz Kid: Eat Me, Bitch!
November 1991

CPR 20
DJ Wiz Kid: Waveform 2
December 1991

CPR 21
DJ Foxx: Smooth Love
March 1992

GEN 3 CPR's (Cassette Program Releases)
Geomedia Production Era - CD sourced

CPR 22
DJ Frontier / DJ Cricket: Futura
June 1994

CPR 23
DJ Frontier: Party Zone 2
July 1994

CPR 24
DJ Frontier: Horizons RMX
June 1995

CPR 25
DJ Frontier: Waveform 3
July 1995

CPR 26
DJ Frontier: Rebellion
July 1995

CPR 27
DJ Frontier: Party Zone 3
October 1995

CPR 28
DJ Frontier: Generation
February 1996

CPR 29
DJ Frontier: Futura 2
April 1996

CPR 30
DJ Frontier: Urban Cowboy
February 1996

CPR 31
DJ Frontier: Aurora
December 1996

CPR 32
DJ Frontier: Party Zone 4
July 1996

CPR 33
DJ Frontier: Party Zone RMX

GEN 4 CDR's (Compact Disc Releases)
Generation skipped.

GEN 5 DPR's (Digital Program Releases)
Average TRT 140 Minutes. MP3.
The following future schedule is tentative, and may change at any time.

34th Release
DJ Frontier: Era

TRT 140 Minutes

To be released in 2015

News BLAST 08/17/09 - A LOT is going on. While this site has not been updated in quite a while (or even officially launched), all the recent developments have been covered on DJ Frontier's Tampa DJ Blog. Since most of the GEN 1, 2, and 3 Cassette Program Releases are being re-released as digital MP3 programs, we re-branded DJ Wiz Kid, and have launched a content file for what will become the official DJ Wiz Kid site. DJ Frontier used to be known as DJ Wiz Kid from 1990 to 1993, and officially became DJ Frontier on February 25, 1993 (take that, pretenders!). Likewise, his underground subculture, the Frontier Society, was formed on October 26, 1993 (we also own the rights to that name, and will continue to use it). Two new Celebrity Class web sites are in the works for both the official DJ Frontier web site and the official DJ Wiz Kid web site, although DJ Frontier will only be branding under the Frontier name from now on, and no new work will be done under the Wiz Kid name.


News BLAST 10/03/08 - The official DJ Frontier web site is really coming... I promise. I'm caught up with my photography business right now and am working on event support web sites such as the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival. I've been working on a long project for the last year and a half and just now adjusted my schedule for maximum web site updates. For my Tampa event planning company, Eventi Events, I will have my senior DJ, Marlon Brown (DJ Shy) do our events for the rest of 2008 while I focus on my top Tampa photography business, sales, and marketing (I may help Marlon with the execution of parties and events as my schedule allows). With Eventi Events kicking of its binary sister company Eventi Stage, with the Tampa film festival Tampa Film showcase, an Eventi Stage production, 2009 is shaping up to be a transition year for me. My Tampa photography company, Aurora PhotoArts, will continue to expand business as it assumes a support function, and over half of my efforts will return to the Eventi Events / Eventi Stage companies and my mostly dormant DJ career. I took a break from DJ'ing in december of 2002 after a run of weddings. My last underground release program was eleven years ago, 1997, and since then production technology has changed a lot (I was ready to springboard from Cassette media to CD programs, and now everything is beyond CD with MP3's and digital online distribution. The analog days had a lot of challenges and limitations. I am now experimenting with digital workstations, sound editing programs, music authoring programs, and other toys). A new generation of releases are coming, and I may even reboot the entire line. My new creative efforts will make what I've done in the past look like trivial projects. I am even planning on writing, producing, and performing my own original music! What genre? Well, mostly dance music and techno, but I will hit on just about every genre but country, which I still can't tolerate. With developments like that, the road is paved toward selling releases instead of doing the underground mix thing. So many ideas.... so many possibilities. Recapping, my DJ career and event planning efforts are very important to me and the Passinault Entertainment Group, AND Eventi Events / Eventi Stage will once again become the core Passinault Entertainment Group service companies. Even after my Tampa advertising agency becomes fully operational, the event planning and stage productions companies will be our core companies. Ah, yes, and you know what that means... event planning and stage productions will automatically kick off my first official Tampa indie film productions with my Tampa film production company Dream Nine Studios. We need out indie film production company to support our event planning and stage production services, and vice-versa (the Tampa film festival is intended to be a platform to promote our indie films as well as Tampa indie film- I would never have anyone use, book, or invest in one of my services if it was not something that was good enough for me to utilize- one reason that our production and services quality is always the best). See a pattern here? See how everything fits together and supports the other components? Sure, it takes more time to do, but once it is done, it is a production and services support powerhouse that our competitors will have a difficult time countering and keeping up with (My God.. I have a LOT of web sites!).

Oh, and I have to get my official Tampa DJ Blog up and running. The other blogs, especially my Tampa Film Blog, have been taking up a lot of my time lately, but the launch and the updates are coming! And this official DJ Frontier site is going to be awesome once it is up and running... wait until you see my new cybersuit and other gadgets!

Yes, I've worked hard and have acquired a well-earned reputation for being the top Tampa photographer. I spend a lot of time photographing tampa headshots for actors and talent, and shooting modeling portfolios. Through all this, it is easy to think that I'd rather service entertainers than be an entertainer. I can, and will, however, do both. What most forget is that I was trained to be an entertainer, and I am very good at my talent professions. I am also a good event planner (I can't wait to finally unleash our interactive theme event technology) and DJ, and was making money at that long before I made money as a professional photographer. Never forget that. I haven't.

- DJ Frontier

Tampa DJ

Horizons - Where We have been. Where we are going.


Monday, May 12, 2008 - 1:44 AM - C. A. Passinault Official Blog Entry

Blasts From The Past

It's funny how things have a way to loop around on you and come full circle over the course of years. I may be experiencing new adventures shortly which are in many way what I set up to do when all of this started.
Back in the ages of many years ago, it all began. You all know about my ability to read on a college level back in elementary school when I was eight or so. I began to write stories and such about that time, too. When I was fourteen, I finished my first novel, which is scheduled for a rewrite soon.
In 1988, fresh out of high school and exploring adult society for the first time, I began to throw parties. I threw some of the most creative, and the best, parties, that the Tampa Bay area had ever seen. This was the beginning of my career as an event planner, and led to my career as an underground DJ.
As a professional writer and a music fanatic who had a music background, DJ'ing came naturally. The first time that I tinkered with this form of art was in the early eighties, playing around with recording equipment and tape decks. In 1984, I was a member of a church quiz team, and we traveled to Jacksonville for a competition. I was a bit bored in the hotel, so I borrowed my friend Daniel's boom box, bought some blank cassette tapes from radio shack, and proceeded to make a tape of our adventure utilizing whatever music that I could record from the local radio stations. The resulting program turned out to be very creative and entertaining. I entertained myself and my friends throughout the eighties by doing these projects.
The 1980's was a fun time for me. We never had much money, so I would engineer equipment from junk. I once took an old walkman apart, soldered an AC to DC power supply to the circuit board, and hooked it up to large speakers, and used this as a crude radio so I could stay up all night listening to Q-105. Great music and radio DJ's, and I am so happy that the radio station returned to old form and it is like listening it in the 80's all over again! Good times......
After I began throwing those wild parties (funny... in retrospect, the parties weren't that wild) in the late eighties, my passion returned to having a voice and sharing my love to music. I decided to begin DJ'ing on an underground level.
In 1990, I obtained a cheap microphone, mountains of blank, high-quality cassette tapes, a library of music cassette albums, and a nice boom box with two tape decks. This was my first so-called "DJ system", and although it would be a few years before I invested in a professional DJ system, what I did with that primitive setup continues to amaze me. I was crazy, creative, and often put together my programs on the fly so quickly that it might as well have been a live program. Since I looked like a teenager despite being 20 years old, I came up with the stage name "DJ Wiz Kid".
On October 6, 1990, it began. I put together my first 90 minute cassette program release (CPR), generically title "Fresh Mix". This was quickly followed by a hip hop / gangsta rap release titled "Nasty Mix", where I got to go crazy, see how many swear words I could fit in my monologues, and see how outrageous I could be. Obviously, I went too far with that one (although my 18th release "Bitch" in 1991 was crazier and led to one of my beach parties being rioted). This woman I knew quit talking to me after she heard "Nasty Mix". She thought that I had issues. Although I have grown out of that phase and am much more mature about my creative efforts these days (not to mention professional, since I now know what I'm doing), no one could touch the explicit nature of my programs in those days. Those who think that Tampa shock jock Bubba The Love Sponge (Who I met for the first time a few days ago- surprisingly cool guy who is nothing like his on-air persona) is bad would have a heart attack if they heard those early releases (and, no, none of you will ever hear the explicit ones if I have I have anything to do with it. I have all of the master tapes, and they are stored in a safe under lock and key. I am guessing that all of the boot-leg copies that were out there have long been worn out and lost to time; the would damage my professional career now if they got out). Those early crazy releases were much, much worse than anything that anyone that I know have has ever done. They make Howard Stern look like a church choir.
Anyway, I began to hit my stride by my third cassette program release, "Horizons", on November 2, 1990, one of my first releases where I didn't go crazy with the profanity, X-rated music, and crude humor (I'll give myself this much- I've always been funny with some of the stuff that I came up with).. On October 31, 1990, I went to a Price Waterhouse party and recorded interviews with everyone there. I edited the interviews and turned it into a music mix. The resulting release, Horizons, finished and released two days later, was way, way ahead of its time. I didn't know it at the time, but I was on to something. Horizons became my first hit, and after the first few copies got out, thousands of copies were made, and spread all over Tampa Bay.
I am still trying to get to grips with what happened in those early days. As an example, I was talking to a big-time headlining night club DJ recently, and they not only knew who I was as a DJ but were familiar with some of my earliest work. I suppose what they lacked in professional polish and quality was more than made up by my creative passion and the entertainment value. I've had other DJ's tell me that my work had inspired them and that the reason that they were DJ's today was because of my releases. I've even heard of radio DJ's trading my tapes. Which reminds me- When I talked to Bubba, he perked up like he recognized my voice from somewhere. Now, this is purely speculation on my part and could be my imagination, but I do know that past 93.3 (The Power Pig!) WFLZ DJ Tom Steel (early 90's Tim and Tom show) has listened to my programs, and it is possible that Bubba, who was a radio DJ there back then, had come across at least one of programs in his career. Again, speculation on my part, as none of his radio exploits shows even a hint of being influenced by my work (although I am far from a Bubba fan and have only started to tune in to laugh at him making fun of MJ over the lawsuit, which I find to be highly entertaining at MJ's expense). It's just that it seemed that he recognized my voice, and that's all. I never talked to him about it, so I don't know for sure.
Going back to DJ history, I got better starting with the release of Horizons. "Back to the streets", which I released in 1991, was one of the few explicit releases, and I either went crazy or sat back and entertained my fanbase. With the release of the 13th CPR, Waveform, my production standards went higher, and the so-called second generation, or GEN 2, began. Each release had a strong script, samples from various sources, guests, art direction, and a theme which the music program, sound effects, and samples were blended in a context which supported the script and the theme. I also started to make my own covers for the cassettes using scissors, glue, assorted print sources and catalogs for the pictures (I barely knew what a camera was back then, and had done little photography. I was always a designer, however, although you couldn't tell at that time by looking at my work.) Those first cassette covers were done by hand, with graphics and layouts often drawn by hand. They were very crude, and the copies were black and white done by photocopy machines and cut out by hand for each cassette!
For those who are wondering by now, all of the music and photographs used were the property of the publishers, and I had no rights to use them. I didn't care at the time, however. I was having fun DJ'ing my cassette program releases much like people who were making mix tapes, but on a more ambitious level. I had no right to sell the programs, and didn't. It didn't take long for the photographs to become mine, however, and soon I will own the music used, too, or will have permission to use and sell it.
Late 1991 and the duration of 1992 was a dark time. I got into a lot of trouble due to the event riot of November 2, 1991, and soon my life was undergoing a depressing transition. My life was destroyed and I found myself fighting to survive. A girl destroyed my equipment and some of my tapes with toothpaste (!), and it took most of 1992 and 1993 to get my life back and invest in professional DJ gear. I moved to Tampa and worked hard to rebuild my life. I bought a Peavey 7032 DJ Mixer, which is still in mint condition and in use today, CD players, a professional microphone, amps, speakers, and all sorts of advanced technology. It took a while to replace my tape library with CD's. I bought some experimental technology, too, experimenting with things like 3D audio and technology which would be needed for a new generation of parties and interactive theme events. I decided that I was older and wiser, and changed my name from DJ Wiz Kid to DJ Frontier in 1993. I also came up with brand new third generation production standards, or GEN 3, which would go on to last for four years. Starting with my 22nd cassette program release, which was had music entirely sourced from CD's, all of the GEN 3 releases were encoded in SRS 3D sound which was provided by an SRS Labs AK-100 which I obtained from Hughes Aircraft in California (and also begun by legendary track record of finding and securing great electronics deals). My new home studio, which I christened "Geomedia One", was state of the art, and had a lot of technology which was secret, and is still secret, today. This started a new era where I began to work out ideas which were years, and decades, ahead of their time. In 1994, after two demos learning the technology, I emerged as DJ Frontier, the name which I still use today. I also started a photography and design company, Aurora PhotoArts, to photograph the cover of my comeback Cassette Program Release, or CPR, and this time the covers were more-professionally designed and were photograph-quality and in color Although I still had to do all my layouts by hand)! I also came out with a rating system, which was printed on the covers, so people could see how explicit the content was before they listened to it (EC-13, EC-18, and EC-21). It was a time to start over, and this time, the work was (more) professional as well as creative. A lot more planning, writing, work, and time went into all of the GEN 3 CPR's.
Some of those GEN 3 CPR's are legendary, and they were all a quantum leap over anything that I had done before. I did some experiments over the years, and rumor has it that some of them have subliminals encoded into them which I had engineered. Those legends are still great, and they stand the test of time. Futura, Futura 2, Generation, Party Zone 3, Party Zone RMX, Aurora, and Waveform 3 were all massive hits with tens of thousands of copies circulating around Tampa Bay.
In 1998, with the new Geomedia 3 production facility nearing completion and the GEN 3 CPR's outdated with cassettes and analogue recording technology obsolete, production stopped.
There were plans for GEN 4 releases. They were going to be CD's, produced using computers and digital production technology. I became sidetracked, however. I began to DJ a lot of events as DJ Frontier, and took a break from DJ'ing altogether in 2002 to focus on my career as one of Florida's top modeling and talent photographers. Aurora PhotoArts became the top photography and design services company in the Tampa Bay market, and my event planning company, now known as Eventi Events, plugged along, with all of the DJ and event work farmed out to my DJ's.
Now, in 2008, all is about to change.
I return to DJ'ing as DJ Frontier later this year. My event planning company is ready for a new era. Many of my ideas and technology, which are still ahead of their time today, can now be done cost-effectively. Technology has finally caught up so the more ambitious efforts are possible. I will be doing a lot of things which were created back in 1993, and since no one has seen any of them and no one has even approached anything better, these ideas might as well be newly-conceived.
I am very pleased with myself that technology developed back in the early 1990's is still ahead of anything out there today. It is time for a new era.
My cyber suits can now be done. My stage designs are now possible. Theories have been proven. New ways of doing things are going to be done. Well, that's material for other posts. Back to DJ'ing.
GEN 4 production standards, drafted and completed ten years ago, are now obsolete. In this age of MP3's and digital download distribution, GEN 5 is now here, and it's going to be the best yet.
As I prepare for the new age of Digital Program Releases, or DPR's, I will cut my teeth on the new technology by going back to my archives and raiding some of my best CPR's of GEN 3 (1994 to 1997). Because I had really high production values for GEN 3 and pushed analog technology to its limits, all of the GEN 3 CPR's are prime candidates for digital conversion. I will be remastering Futura, Futura 2, Party Zone 3, Waveform 3, Aurora, Generation, Horizons RMX, and a few others. The programs will be converted to digital files, and I will be doing brand new covers for the digital editions of these programs. Each program will have two cover image formats, one optimized for IPOD display and one which can be printed out for those who want to rip the digital files into CD's- The print file will be formatted for CD cases. There will also be a text file and a print version of the text files with dedications and credits, replacing the Z card inserts of the old Cassette Program Releases (CPR covers were known as "J cards").
Thinking about analog limits, this was one of the main reasons that the CPR line was discontinued. New programs that were in the works, such as Rush Hour, had technical requirements beyond that of the GEN 3 technology. I was having all kinds of problems with Rush Hour, and barely got it half way done before putting away my recorded material and terminating the production line. Rush Hour, which has no relation to that crappy Chris Tucker movie and had its name before the movie was even announced, was supposed to emulate a radio broadcast. The way that the program was supposed to work was that the owner of the program would play it on their stereo and anyone around would think that it was really the radio. The actors who were involved did a really great job, and the recordings are excellent, but the analog mix had some technical issues which I could not get around. The illusion of the radio could not be done with what I was working with. I am toying with the idea of converting the recordings to digital files and completely redoing Rush Hour as a GEN 5 release. I would have extra incentive to do this if I decide to do Midnight and Radio City, too, which would compete the radio trilogy series. Midnight, which ties into my Club Zero interactive theme event, is about a New Years eve radio dance show which experiences what was supposed to have happened with Y2K at the end of 1999. Radio City is about a radio show in the 1980's, and is based on Q105 of that era.
Rush Hour (Read the Rush Hour script here) was ahead of its time. So was Daytona (Read the script for Daytona here). Daytona was the sequel to Waveform 3, and followed the adventures of Washout and his fraternity friend Tobey as they went to Daytona for spring break.
Ah, Waveform 3. Waveform 3 was about a character named Washout and his beach party adventures. It had a surf and beach theme, and was really popular, and, no, Washout is not gay. He just sounds like it. He's just misunderstood. Ironically, the original GEN 2 CPR Waveform was about new wave music, and the late GEN 2 Waveform 2 was just a little bit of everything, and really wasn't that good of a program. Waveform 3 had a strong story, great writing, and a solid theme, and it was a hit in 1995, Bra ha ha (I was inspired by the film "Under the boardwalk"). Toward the end of the GEN 3 era, there were plans to do Waveform RMX. I even had it programmed and had some of it running in the studio. Actually, let's make that a GEN 5 Digital Program Release, shall we?
There were a lot more releases in the pipeline, and I had scripts and ideas for over two dozen more. I will post about them soon. Here is the CPR list:

U.L.P. ERA (1990-1992)











































With the GEN 5 Digital Program Releases, I was going to reboot the entire program line, making new programs with old titles possible. I just decided not to do that. I have new properties in the works, and if I want to make a new addition to an old property, I will give it a proper name. For example, the last Party Zone was Party Zone 4 (not counting Party Zone RMX, which came out later toward the end of GEN 3, and was a remix of the first and the second Party Zone). The next in the line would be Party Zone 5. Other possibilities, recognizing the older programs, would be Waveform 4, Futura 3, Generation 2, Aurora 2, etc (keep in mind that I am giving examples here and none of these, with the possible exceptions of Party Zone 5 and Generation 2, are confirmed with being in the works. I am not even sure about the other two at this time, although I would love to see a Party Zone 5. A Generation 2 would be interesting, too, and I could think of some cool things that I could do with Futura 3.
All that I know is that digital distribution and my event planning company dominating the event market could drive a fanbase thousands of times greater that anything seen before, and this is why I am looking into moving forward with the production line.
My new film series, Frontier View (which will be found at FrontierView.Com) will be another factor driving the fanbase of the upcoming DPR's. Ah, yes, there will be a video program series, too, but it is too early to talk about it.
DJ Frontier is back. My DJ web site, DjFrontier.Com, which will tie into Frontier Vision, will be up this fall.
With this said, I have thousands of CD's to convert to MP3's. Converting my library will take several months, and I will have to build a new computer for the music files.
This takes time. Progress is being made.

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